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Polling station

Your polling station is:

Eastway Day Centre, 44 Eastway, Morden, SM4 4HW

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Your polling district is SC

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Garden waste collections

This property is not registered for the garden waste collection service.

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Other recycling and waste collections

Ward and councillors

Ward name: Cannon Hill

Councillor Tobin Byers - Labour

Councillor Pauline Cowper - Labour

Councillor Fidelis Gadzama - Labour

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Conservation areas

Your property is not in a conservation area.

Conservation areas

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Recycling sites

Car Park Adj 288, Kingston Road, Raynes Park, London
0.79 km
Approach Road, Raynes Park, London
1.14 km
Neighbourhood recycling sites

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Children's centres

Parks and recreation grounds


NHS GP surgeries

Car parks


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